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My Mommy Takes Pictures by Manda Smarr Beers

My Mommy Takes Pictures-a children's book perfect for preschoolers-was written by author and photographer Manda Smarr Beers for her youngest daughter, who always misses her mom when she goes on photoshoots. While the little girl in My Mommy Takes Pictures misses her mom when she goes to work, she enjoys seeing her mom work hard to create art. The little girl knows, despite how busy her mom may be, that she is still the most important part of her life.

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About the Author & Illustrator

Manda Smarr Beers is a photographer, artist, and writer from Tuscarora, Pennsylvania. She has a bachelor's in photography from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and an MBA from the College of William & Mary. She currently owns and operates her own photography business located in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. She resides in Schuylkill County with her husband, three kids, and their rescue pup.

Noor Zaki is a professional artist specializing in children's book illustrations, and she loves to bring imaginative characters and their personalities to life. Children's books featuring Noor's illustrations are available through popular retailers such as Amazon.

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