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A Vow Renewal Filled with Love and Laughter: Tracey & Zachary

I was thrilled to be a part of Tracey and Zachary's vow renewal celebration at the gorgeous Willows at Ashcome Manison on May 10th, 2024.  This special day marked one year to the day since they eloped with just their closest family. This time, they were surrounded by all their loved ones, ready to celebrate their love and commitment.

While the weather threw us a curveball with rain showers throughout the day, it couldn't dampen the spirits of this joyous occasion. The stunning architecture of the Willows at Ashcome Manison provided a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony and portraits, and we managed to capture some truly magical images despite the rain.

A Love Story Rekindled

This vow renewal was a beautiful testament to the enduring love between Tracey and Zachary. Their ceremony was filled with heartfelt emotions and genuine laughter, reflecting the strong bond they've built together.

Capturing the Joy of the Celebration

We were drawn to the genuine connection between Tracey and Zachary. Their love for each other shone brightly in every photo, making it a joy to document their special moments.  From the emotional exchange of vows to the energetic dance floor celebration, the day was filled with happiness and love.

Tracey, radiant in her wedding gown, walked down the aisle towards Zachary, and the emotions on their faces were truly unforgettable. It was an honor to document this beautiful vow renewal and be a part of their love story.

Vendors that were part of their day:

Photographer: Manda Jean Photography 

Wedding Planner: AKG Events

Makeup: Julia Ashley

Cater: JDK Group

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