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Get the most out of your Senior Portraits

Senior Portrait Photography, Manda Jean Photography, Tamaqua, Senior Pictures

Before you know it, spring and summer will be upon us and do you know what that means? Senior portrait season! If you or your child will be going into their senior year, this blog post is for you.

Did you know:

  • Most people get their senior portraits done the spring/summer before their senior year of school.

  • Yearbook photos are usually due in the early fall and have certain specifications.

  • This is a great opportunity for seniors to showcase their personality, hobbies, and extracurriculars.

  • This will only happen once, so if you’re a parent, it’s okay to cry and if you're a student, it’s okay to celebrate!!!

Years ago, senior pictures used to be just a standard over the shoulder headshot for the yearbook and to hang on the wall. Now, they are so much more! Getting senior portraits done is more like a mini model session where wardrobes are plenty, props are encouraged, and the more adventurous, the better. As a senior portrait photographer in northeastern PA, I’m always up for making our session as true to life as possible. Like to race? Let’s go to the track. Basketball star? Let’s get some action shots. Pet lover? Bring them along!

I have plenty of places that we can go around Tamaqua area, but I'm always up to travel as well, if you have another location in mind! The most important part of senior portraits, is to showcase what makes your senior special, it's their highlight reel!

Now is the time to get your session scheduled. Photographers are booking up already with weddings and other sessions, especially during their peak season. So scheduling your senior portraits might be the last thing on your mind, but sooner is better than later. Click here to learn more!

Senior Portrait Photography, Manda Jean Photography, Tamaqua, Senior Pictures

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