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Love Blooms Among the Waterfalls: An Intimate Elopement at Hickory Run

They said "I do" surrounded by towering pines and the whisper of wind through leaves. Mr. & Mrs. Krol's elopement on May 3rd, 2024, was an intimate celebration of love, nature, and the start of their forever journey.

Hickory Run State Park's charming chapel provided the perfect backdrop for their vows, witnessed only by their closest family. The air crackled with emotion as they exchanged heartfelt promises, their love story unfolding beneath the rustic wooden beams.

But this love story began on a different kind of trail. Their engagement, it turns out, blossomed amidst the beauty of a shared hike. So, after the ceremony, they embarked on a post-wedding adventure, retracing the steps that led to their happily ever after.

The bride, a woman of undeniable spirit, sported a pair of bedazzled boots that stole the show (and made navigating the terrain a breeze!). This touch of whimsy perfectly captured their adventurous spirit and playful approach to their special day.

And the payoff? Breathtaking waterfall portraits that will forever freeze this momentous occasion in time. Cascading water, vibrant green foliage, and the newlyweds, aglow with newfound joy – these images are a testament to the magic that unfolds when love and nature collide.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Krol! May your journey together be filled with endless adventures, unwavering love, and the continued beauty of the great outdoors.

Vendors that were part of their day:

Photographer: Manda Jean Photography 

Venue: Hickory Run State Park

Hair& Makeup: Lisbett Becker - Hair

Rings: Blue Nile

Desserts: Illysa Schrager

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