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Meeting Manda

Hiring a photographer, whether it's for a simple headshot or an extravagant wedding, can be a difficult decision with many different factors to consider. In any case, it is easier to work with someone who doesn't feel like a complete stranger. Many of you may know me, but for those of you who don't, please allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about what I do!

Manda Jean from Manda Jean Photography, Northeastern PA Pennsylvania wedding and family Photographer
Photo taken by Gabby Smarr; chasing a sunset somewhere in California

Hey! It's me, Manda (with no "A")

A Northeastern Pennsylvania wedding and family photographer.

I shot my very first wedding back in 2008 when I was still in school out in Pittsburgh (with a Nikon D40 and a speed light that I had no clue how to use). This was the very beginning of Manda Jean Photography and I've been shooting for clients ever since. In between shooting for clients, I like to go back to my fine art roots, but don't create work nearly as much as I would like.

Fast forward thirteen years since the first wedding and I have FINALLY taken the leap and gone full-fledged into business for myself. No more side hustle, no more freelancing, no more stress...just kidding, this is waaaaaay more stressful. But worth it.

I now reside back in my hometown of Tuscarora, Pennsylvania where I live with my husband, three crazy kiddos, and our rescue pup, Blue.

Some Tidbits About Me:

Manda Jean Photography, Northeastern PA Pennsylvania wedding and family photographer
  1. I have a BS in Photography from the Art Institute of Pitt & my MBA from William and Mary.

  2. The first time I was ever in a plane, I jumped out

  3. I'm a vegetarian (but love seafood).

  4. Things I enjoy most other than my family: traveling, snowboarding, & coffee.

  5. I cry at the end of the movie The Sandlot...every, damn, time.

  6. My drink of choice is Jack Daniels on the rocks.

My Shooting Style

As you can see in my portfolio, the more artistic I can be with photography, the better. Outdoor shoots are my jam and I LOVE adventure, so I'm always up a new location, concept, or challenge. I don't like cookie cutter imagery and it's my personal goal to make art out of every session I shoot, regardless of what it is. I want my work to stand out and more than anything, I want people to feel something when they look at my photographs. Life goes by so fast, let's make some art, capture memories, and enjoy the ride.

Check out my weddings and other portfolios! And please feel free to reach out and get to know me and my photography more.

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