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Say Yes to a Themed Engagement Photo Shoot

Thinking of doing a theme engagement photo shoot? Do it! When Candace reached out to book her engagement pictures, she had some Pinterest pins to pass along to me. I love, love, love when clients have a vision for their photo shoot! It is so much fun to make an idea board and work together to plan their engagement pictures. Let me just share with you Sam & Candace's outdoor camping themed engagement pictures.

This was such a fun portrait session! What I love the most, is that this couple's first date was on the same hike that we used for one of our locations during the session.. After we took pictures there, we found another spot to set up camp, literally. The couple brought along their camping gear, some custom mugs, and some s'mores which just completed this fun-loving session.

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As a wedding and engagement photographer, I am always happy to help plan out the engagement photo shoot with my clients. It is such a great experience to work together and make some amazing memories in the process! Doing a themed engagement photo shoot doesn't have to be hard or even too detailed. All it takes is a little planning and the right location and props!

Here are a couple tips:

  • First make sure you find the right engagement photographer who is up for the creative challenge (Hi, it's me!)

  • Find inspiration online and save it as you go

  • Work with your photographer on wardrobe choices and session vibes

  • Be willing to purchase or bring the items needed if the photographer doesn't have them on hand

  • Find a theme that means something to you both as a couple (maybe your first date was a picnic in a park, or you met at the beach, or you frequent art exhibits, or maybe you both just love pizza and beer. Whatever it is, the truer to your love story, the better.)

Most importantly, remember your engagement photos should be fun and memorable, it's your chance to hang out together, get to know your photographer, and get some awesome pictures of you and your love all at the same time!

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