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Three Reasons why doing a Family Photography Shoot this Year is a MUST

Let's talk family photography. It's one of those things we always want to do, but some how, put off. We are waiting for the right season, outfits, or kid stages. But here's the thing, the right time is now. and the easiest way to get family pictures is to go out and just do them. Below are three reasons why this is the year to just schedule the shoot and let your photographer help you with the rest!

Manda Jean Photography's Top 3 Reasons why this Year is the Year for your Family Portraits:

1. You will never have this age with your kids again. Ugh I know, that’s heavy, but it’s true. Capture everything about them right now before it changes.

2. You can’t always be behind the camera or phone! You need to get pictures with them. As a parent, you can't only document, you need to be part of the story.

3. You won’t regret taking the time and money to do pictures together. It’s important to have images you cherish, that can be passed on. Documenting your now will always be important later.

Outdoor Photography locations used in images (all located in Pennsylvania): Locust Lake State Park, Tuscarora State Park, Trexler Nature Preserve, Beltzville State Park, Allentown Rose Gardens.

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