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What Season is best for Engagement Photos?

The way I see it, there are only two factors at play when it comes to planning your engagement photos. The first is how much time you have prior to your wedding. If your wedding is relatively soon, clearly pictures should be scheduled as soon as possible so you'll have them to use for save the dates, your bridal shower, invites, etc. If your wedding is some time away, there is more flexibility. The second factor? You. Your engagement pictures should be whatever you envision. If you picture a sundress, on a boat, in the middle of a lake, summer might be for you. If you want hot coco and snowflakes, well, you see where I'm going here...

If you were to ask me, what is the best time for engagement pictures, I really couldn't say. There are so many different benefits for each season. It honestly all depends on timeframe and your vision. My job is to help you navigate the planning process and photograph engagement photos that you'll love.

Below I have listed some of the pros and cons of shooting your engagement session in each season. Please note this is based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania, as that is where I'm a photographer. Certainly different geographic locations would have different pros and cons!

Summer Engagement Pictures


Warmer weather, everything is in lush and green, later session times available because the sun is out in the evening, more wardrobe options


Bugs, humidity, popular spots can be crowded

Fall Engagement Pictures


Foliage is in the backdrop, weather can still be mild, there are so many layered wardrobe options


Foliage has a limited amount of time before it's gone and varies from year to year, weather can range from above average to below average, some scenic locations may be more populated

Winter Engagement Pictures


Snow can make for great pictures, items like furs, hats, and blankets can be used, winter sessions are relatively unique


Road conditions and temps may cause rescheduling, limited wardrobe options, temperatures and cold winds can affect skin and eyes

Spring Engagement Pictures


Budding and blooming begins, weather can be mild, locations aren't as crowded


It's considered rainy season, weather varies, a lot of locations can still be relatively brown

Every season has its perks and challenges to photographing engagements and I've photographed them all! There are so many ways to play up all different types of weather and environments. When it comes down to it, it's about you and your partner and capturing your newest chapter. I have learned to embrace the elements of any season, and it's my job, as an engagement photographer, to use each time of year as creatively as possible.

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