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Anniversary Beach Photoshoot

Who says photoshoots with your partner end after your wedding?

Engagement, wedding, & elopement photography shoots are my favorite types to photograph for sure. But, I'm a firm believer, that when you have a good thing, you don't stop while the iron is hot. Anniversaries are a great time to celebrate your wedding milestone together. Many couples go out to dinner, watch their wedding video, and pop some champagne, if the kids are still sleeping. Maybe this year you can treat yourselves to an anniversary photoshoot instead. As a couples photographer, I love capturing intimate moments between people, especially when your wedding day is long and gone.

Check out this sunrise couple session, I photographed of my husband and I for our 5 year anniversary in Islamorada, Florida. How? Camera remote and tripod! We had a beautiful beach sunset while we were staying at the Postcard Inn, by the Islamorada Beach Collection.

If you want to set up a couple photography session, whether it's your anniversary or just because, I would love to connect. Whether we travel to open water or hike to the top of a mountain, I'm ready to capture you and your partner. You deserve to have beautiful pictures together, long after your wedding is over.

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