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Boudoir Studio Downtown Pottsville

Manda Jean Photography is happy to announce her newly remodeled boudoir room at her photo studio in Pottsville, PA! There is always a good time to document the beauty that is the female form and this is the perfect place to do it!

Some great reasons to get a boudoir photoshoot today:

  • You deserve to feel beautiful, confident, and powerful

  • It makes a great gift for a significant other, especially for Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and especially for your wedding

  • It. also makes a great gift for yourself, regardless of your relationship status, having beautiful pictures of yourself is always worth it

  • You can style your shoot any way you like. Boudoir doesn't always mean risky lingerie. Manda encourages her clients to bring along items that make them feel good. This could be athletic wear, night gowns, a significant other's shirt/clothes, even a dress that's been in the closet and you haven't had the courage to wear out

  • It is fun and more importantly, so empowering

Be sure to check out more on Manda Jean's Boudoir Instagram and for package info, click here.

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