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Not Your Average Senior Portraits

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Senior portrait season is here and Manda Jean Photography is ready to take senior pictures to the next level.

What makes MJP's Senior Photos Different?

  • Firstly, the seniors. Somehow I always have the most interesting seniors who have many different talents and interests for me to photograph.

  • Secondly, location. Here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, there are so many great spots with beautiful scenery to showcase each senior. We have waterfalls, forests, lakes, overlooks, the possibilities are endless.

  • Thirdly, having fun. Our photoshoot isn't just a standard posing run-through, it's a time for us to have fun and hang out. I love working with my seniors and joking around with them as I capture them in their element.

Years ago, senior pictures used to be just a standard over the shoulder headshot for the yearbook and to hang on the wall. Now, they are so much more! Getting senior portraits done is more like a mini model session where wardrobes are plenty, props are encouraged, and the more adventurous, the better. As a senior portrait photographer in northeastern PA, I’m always up for making our session as true to life as possible. Check out some of my favorites from Bree's recent session, there were goats, flowers, music, and a sliver of sunset to die for!

Let's get your session planned before the summer ends! I have plenty of places that we can go around Tamaqua area, but I'm always up to travel as well, if you have another location in mind. The most important part of senior portraits, is to showcase what makes your senior special, it's their highlight reel! Click here to learn more.

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